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Sunday, May 1, 2011

.How to Place an Order.

How to Order :
Orders must be made minimum 3 days in advance. The earlier the better.
For LARGE ORDERS, at least 2 WEEKS in advance. 
(If you're lucky, I can take up an order in 2/3 days in advance) 

Via Email : 

(Copy and Paste Template) 
Name : (with surname please to avoid confusion) 
Contact Number: 
Collect or Deliver : 
Date to Collect / Date to Deliver : 
Time to Collect / Time to Deliver : 
Quantity and Size : 
Cupcake Flavour : 
Fillings in the cupcakes (optional): 
Design / Theme / Colours : 
Message/Wordings : 
Special Packaging : 
Additional Notes : 

All orders are to be made only through E-MAILS. 
Thank you.

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